We've been doing some planning work here at Waymaker and as we fine-tune our services and offerings, I keep coming back to this piece so beautifully articulated by David Brooks.

 A commentary on our country's current division(s), it lands as a tribute to Frederick Douglass. Regardless of how Waymaker is positioned within the market, this belief is at the absolute core of what we do. Thank you @Nicole Thomsen for the share. It is the belief that all humans have souls. It is the belief that all people of all races have a piece of themselves that has no size, weight, color or shape, but which gives them infinite value and dignity. It is the belief that our souls make us all radically equal. Our brains and bodies are not equal, but our souls are. It is the belief that the person who is infuriating you most right now still has a soul and so is still, deep down, beautiful and redeemable. It is the belief that when all is said and done all souls have a common home together, a final resting place as pieces of a larger unity.