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The Economics of Innovation and New Technology Will Lead Our Recovery

Okay, this pandemic is a problem.

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Seedlings of Hope & Innovation

Waymaker Group was founded 2 years ago on the premise that every company is (or is becoming) a tech company and that every community needs a new playbook to accommodate our new innovation economy. COVID-19, the resulting recession, and the Black Lives Matter movement have further solidified the reality that the formulas for growing innovation economies have changed. Listen to the message below from Julie Huls, Waymaker CEO.

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No Risk, No Economic Impact

We're in conversations right now with some cities struggling to determine whether or not investments in the innovation economy are too risky, or if the change in patterned behavior will be too disruptive.

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The Impact of Technology: Massive Hurdles or Massive Opportunity

In case you haven’t heard, our country faces some massive hurdles in the coming decade.

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The Methodology - Every City is a Tech City

After many years working with industry leaders as the CEO of the Austin Technology Council, it is clear to me we are living in a new era of economic development and city growth.

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A Word on Resilience

Resilience is one of the most prized traits in business, specifically in Silicon Valley and within any successful tech ecosystem.

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“As an investor, there’s no better group to have in my corner than Waymaker. Their ability to grasp long-range technology trends, along with their uncanny ability to read individual talent makes picking market winners that much easier.”

Blair Garrou

Managing Director, Mercury Fund

“Julie Huls is a true transformational leader whose vision and dedication has been instrumental in growing the Austin tech community into what it is today.”

Manoj Saxena

Venture Capitalist