At Waymaker Group, we believe an innovation-based approach is the key to stable and sustainable private sector growth—and we’ve seen the proof firsthand.

Your digital transformation strategy can’t achieve maximum results if it stays in-house. We bring together private businesses, higher education, and government officials to supercharge innovation and grow local industries and businesses.  Here are three times that private business industries grew as a direct result of our digital transformation consulting services:

1. When we discovered innovation opportunities for the Milwaukee Regional Tech Hub.

Milwaukee is a city right on the verge of becoming recognized as a tech hub. Waymaker Group set out to uncover the perfect digital technology, workforce, and business investment opportunities to push it over the edge. We conducted a Digital Economic Impact Analysis in collaboration with business leaders in the Milwaukee region, which set off a chain of events for a robust digital transformation across multiple industries-- including the creation of a non-profit entity to represent the region’s tech interests. 

"Waymaker's foresight and expertise helped our biggest stakeholders get comfortable about creating a tech coalition. They helped us understand the importance of marrying the grassroots efforts of entrepreneurs with the innovation endeavors of key employers and set us up for long-term success."

—Tim Schaefer, Strategic Technology Advisor

Our analysis supported a total shift in perception of the market as a nascent tech hub—and the regional growth we ignited sets the region up for success in future years. 

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2. When our leadership of ATC attracted investors to Austin, TX.

Entrepreneurs in the Austin area were deeply concerned over their inability to access much-needed investment capital. Among many other things, our data-driven analysis led to a partnership between the Austin Technology Council (ATC) and the Chamber of Commerce that attracted Austin tech entrepreneurs and increased growth-stage investments.

“Waymaker Group is an asset for any region trying to grow. Their ability to bring together leaders across entire spectrums was critical in making Austin the tech hub it is today and a testament to their transformational leadership ability.”

—Joel Trammell, CEO, Black Box

“Julie Huls is a true transformational leader whose vision and dedication has been instrumental in growing the Austin tech community into what it is today.”

—Manoj Saxena, Venture Capitalist

According to the Brookings Institute, purposeful cluster development directly inspired angel investors and venture capitalists to set up shop in Austin. The result of our digital transformation leadership? The regional brand as a recognized tech hub speaks for itself. 

3. When our insights guided the creation of the Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood.

Part of an effective digital transformation strategy—not just for your company but also for your local industry—involves attracting top-tier talent to come live and work in the area. We came together with business leaders to conceptualize the Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood

This innovation district redeveloped an unused urban tract into an attractive New Economy space, a future hub for collaboration, innovation, work, and play for 21st-century businesses in the healthcare niche. 

“Waymaker Group has become a trusted partner to Kenosha industry and civic leaders and helped us quicken the pace on a critical project that will transform our community’s economy. ”

—Mark Jaeger, Sr. Vice President, Jockey International, Inc.

Since our launch in 2018, we’ve forged significant progress with our digital transformation consulting services. Enthusiasm among employers was strong. There were already wide-ranging employer investments in technology and innovation. The KIN today is well on its way to attracting top industry players to the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor!

“Waymaker’s depth in technology and innovation economies has guided Kenosha in developing a new value proposition to initiate a deliberate approach to build a special technology community never before considered. We enjoy working with their talented team and trust that they will continue to help us optimize progressive economic opportunities.”

—Heather Wessling, Vice President, Kenosha Area Business Alliance

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