Resilience is one of the most prized traits in business, specifically in Silicon Valley and within any successful tech ecosystem. 

The new era of the innovation economy requires us to sail uncharted waters and invent creative solutions to unfamiliar problems. Investors are obsessed with finding entrepreneurs and industry leaders who not only have deep domain and technical expertise, but who have also failed before, failed often, and have not given up. The most successful companies are ones that are often led by chief executives, CEOs in particular, that have endured decades of trial and error, bumps along the road, and failure.

What we all know about failure, falls and injuries is that afterwards there is healing, reflection and if we’re fortunate, deep learning that occurs. Deep learning and reflection on past business failures translate into more effective and creative approaches to building companies, best practices in assembling strong teams, efficient and creative paths to profitability, and eventually, desireable wisdom.

Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with my Midwest roots since I’ve been practicing being a Texan. One story that is told over and over with varying degrees of scale is, “...we have experienced pain.” Specifically, the painful impact of lost manufacturing and other outsourced jobs, injury from fast-shifting global tides, and shattered dreams from broken work-hard-and-you-will-be-rewarded contracts with our country.

As we acknowledge and learn from the bumps, bruises and pain, I can assure you, this region will rise. Midwesterners invented grit and resilience. They are getting up from being beat down and they’re primed to take back their place on the mantle of American pride about place. Markets who have successfully turned to resilience as a prized, market-propelling attribute will increasingly be turning to the Midwest for lessons, best practices and their earned wisdom. The American Midwest is standing up again - what a powerful lesson for us all at an exciting time like this.